14 . Cleaning Technician - Sioux Falls , South Dakota 57104 TEMP  -  
Job Number: 22711

Professional Cleaning Technician

Posted on: 02/28/2017
Pay $: 10.00
    Category:     Temp Hire  
    Description:     - Assist in restoration, cleaning carpets, preform repair services that exceed company and client standards -Assist in loading and unloading supplies and equipment to the work site
-Assist in moving furniture and clearing the work site and restoring the work site to it's orignal configuration when complete
-Carpet and upholstery cleaning and repair
    Qualifications:     Must have a valid drivers licence and the ability to carry out simple one or two step instructions

Must apply in person at:
Key Staffing Office
500 N. Western Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
    Contact:     Alison Nelson
500 N. Western Ave.

Sioux Falls ,  South Dakota    57104
(605) 333-9999
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Sioux Falls, SD: 605.333.9999

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